Gay Man Clothes


Gay Man Clothes and the differences


When shopping around for clothing, it is evident that the majority of high street stores cater only for heterosexuals. High street stores frequently sell clothing aimed at the all-women-loving male, with items of clothing plastered with images of half-naked girls. Gay man clothes can only really be found in specialist shops, which often advertise themselves as ‘sex shops’.

To most hetero’s, the stereotype of gay man clothes revolves heavily around black leather and bondage gear, however, it would be naive of them to think that every-day gay man clothes included such things. As I ponder the clothing choices of gay men, one thing is clear to me – the tighter, the better.

what are gay men clothes?

In terms of how they fit, gay man clothes often resemble that of female clothing, as they tend to accentuate the chest and butt. This is a prominent feature of gay man clothes as more often than not, gay men love to flaunt their beautiful bodies to give themselves a confidence boost and to attract a mate. Gay man clothes often have a classic and stylish look to them, taking inspiration from the outfits of Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen. In terms of complexity, gay man clothes stand out from the rest. Only gay men can work those butt-hugging, tight, leather pants and pair them with a flattering shirt. Gay man clothes offer gay’s freedom of expression, something they had previously been deprived of for many years. Unlike straight man clothes, gay man clothes can indeed be ‘women’s clothes’.gay men clothes

typical gay men clothes

A flattering pair of jeans targeted at women would still look great on a gay man, and they would have the confidence of wearing it too, as they understand that everyone is equal, regardless of sexuality and gender identity. Gay man clothes should be appreciated more by society. There should be a wide variety and availability of gay man clothes on the average high street for many reasons, including the fact that right now, society is at its most accepting of sexuality and genders than it has ever been before. There is no longer a taboo or stigma attached to being gay, and this should be reflected in the availability of gay man clothes. After all, no one knows fashion quite like the fabulous and extraordinary gays of society.