Random Gay Chat

Random Gay Chat is not chatting to a gay person about random things but finding random gay guys to chat with in the world. Sometimes it’s marketed as “Chat roulette”, the thing about Random Gay Chat is that you don’t know who you’re talking to.


Random gay chat – How to

The trouble with Random Gay Chat is you may not have anything to talk about and it being a paid service it may be better to avoid. Grinder which matches men up by their hobbies and age groupings may be a reliable alternative.

Random Gay chat coupleThe other thing is that not everyone who rings Random Gay Chat lines have the same end in mind. Outsiders generally assume it’s phone sex, which shows in any case confusion about what is a chatline and what is a sex line. They’re two different products. That isn’t to say that gays don’t try to have phone sex on a chatline, or even talk dirtily to each other, but that needn’t be the whole conversation with Random Gay Chat.
Talking on paid phone lines like Random Gay Chat may be declining as people prefer to talk (or rather message or add a post) by SMS or by the use of forums. You may also chose to use Skype. Gay people, or people who think they might be gay are not as isolated as once they were.

It is probable that lines which offer random gay chat will continue as members of the gay community want to talk and remain anonymous as they do so. Confidentiality remains a big part of this kind of service. Though it is not quite the same thing, the scandal when the names of people who used Ashley Madison, a site for people to have affairs came out, it lead people to question how safe their information was.